Amazing Alien Agency

As a staffing and recruitment company, we aim to help job seekers find the ideal post, pitch career path, and businesses to find the right candidate.


Consultants can be a useful solution for all types of businesses. We have both short and long term solutions for your business.

Senior consultants offer turn-key service and will be on your team in no time at all.

Junior consultants will learn quickly and adapt to your environment to fit your business.


We help you find your next colleague, leader, salesperson, scientist and more temp to hire plans!

As your one-stop shop for recruiting needs whether from overseas or local, we will be with you all the way.

If you need help applying for work permits in Sweden, we have experience and offer you different solutions.


Are you in need of extra staff or freelancers during peak season? Would like to expand or simply need temporary manpower?

As different industries have different peak seasons, we can easily transfer staff based on your needs.

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