Services offered at Amazing Alien Agency AB

At Amazing Alien Agency AB we offer a wide variety of services within recruitment, staffing solutions, consulting services. We will help your company grow or get extra workers at any time.

Since our start in 2020 we have operated with international clients in Sweden.

Staffing solutions

We have different solutions to help your company in many scenarios. Perhaps you experience a huge demand but shortage of skilled workers, a turn-key solution might be a few full-time consultants, multiple extra workers on-demand or mix of solutions.

Together we check the current and future scenarios that may need attention regarding staffing solutions.


Are you looking to expand your business one of the best ways is to hire the right people to help your company grow.

Hiring the right person will turn your business more efficient, profitable and easier to manage! Often companies wish they hired more staff at an earlier stage as it helped them in more ways than they could ever imagined.

Work permit for Sweden

We are certified by the Swedish Migration Agency since 2020 and can help you in the process of obtaining a work permit when working with us. This will drastically reduce the processing time to approximately 10 days.

Note: There is some time required for the relevant union to check the job offer which will be on top of this waiting time and also the job advertisement must be online for a certain period of time before the union can process the request. More information are to be found at Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration Agency).


Consultants are a great way to temporarily add people to the projects, department without raising the headcount of the company.

Maybe you are in need of extra staff during busy season, in need of special expertise or simply want someone to work at the new department for set period to evaluate the process before offering permanent employment.

Your best partner

Everyone at Amazing Alien Agency AB loves their job and strive for excellence in what we do which is to help you!

We are members of Almega (Kompetensföretagen) and have collective agreements with Unionen and Handelsanställdas förbund.

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