Internship at Amazing Alien Agency AB

We offer students, graduates and others the opportunity to getting an internship at our Amazing Alien Agency AB. We will let you tag along with us and learn more about any specific process that you would like to know more about. We are based in Örebro, Sweden and accept applications from anywhere in the world. Today it's not really limited to geographical location as most people can work from home anyways.

As we work together with global companies and our business language is English we don't limit applicants who cannot speak Swedish.

Together with us we will develop your skills, knowledge and know-how of the industry. Our goal is to develop and train you and eventually be hired as a full-time staff at our business.

An internship at Amazing Alien Agency will get you an insight into the world of consulting, HR, sales etc

As our business offers different services you may want to join us as a an intern in the following areas; sales, marketing, legal, HR, consultant manager, key account manager and more.

If you are unsure whether it will fit please get in touch and we can discuss the available options for you.

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